Show your Dependability Reliability Outlook on Life Owning Choices Owning Actions

Every person is born with an incredible power.  It is the power of choice.  We can always choose how we react to a situation.

Nurse shark and diver.

If a store clerk is grumpy with us, we can fire right back or we can give them a sincere thanks and perhaps change their entire outlook.  We can choose if we will be honorable or not.  We can choose if we keep or commitments or not.  We can also choose our own attitudes either positive or negative.  Whatever choices we make, we are responsible for them.  We are also responsible for the outcome of our choices.  What an incredible power!  Well go on, get out there and make some great choice and be responsible for your own actions!

World View

You will make choices your entire life and seemingly small choices can have big impacts on your happiness and your success.  We are all faced with the constant challenge of making good choices.  When things don’t work out the way we want, it may be easier to blame others rather than look at our own choices.

There are consequences for all of our actions, good or bad.

The important thing is to learn from your mistakes, apply the lesson and move forward.

Your past does not equal your future

Just because you fail at something doesn’t mean you are a failure.


“We’ve all done that, what can you do now to make better choices.”

You have the power to make your life better or worse.

Praise when kids choose to take responsibility for their actions, no matter if they succeed or not.

If you make a choice that is bad for you, you are not a bad person.  It is important that you realize that things can get better if I start making better choices.

Model the Behavior

Language to avoid: I have to, I must, they are making me

Language to use: I choose to, I want to, I am going to…