Kids and Character is now Good and Honest Productions


Many of you know us from our fire safety videos and the name Kids and Character.  I’m announcing today that we are officially retiring the “Kids and Character” brand and changing to “Good and Honest Productions”.

What’s in a Name?

When Corbett and I first came up with the idea to produce videos that taught much needed life skills to kids, we were both completing our certifications in 7 Habits training.  I remember doing an exercise where we described our ideal jobs.  For me, that meant spending less time traveling and more time with my family.  My ideal job would actually cause me to spend time with my family rather than always competing for my time.  Filming a video series that highlighted family activities was my idea for a job that would cause me to plan fun activities with my family.  That series became, of course, Magic Adventures.

All along though, we knew there would be more to our products.  Sports is a big driver for Corbett and his “Backyard Coaching for Parents” was always a part of our plans.  But even though it was a different product, we knew that it would also highlight  key values and skills that would build kid’s leadership abilities.  We knew we needed an overall brand and Corbett tossed out the “Kids and Character” name.  It stuck and we initially branded all of our products with that name.

Fast forward several years to the point where we were trying to trademark our brand name and everything started to change.  Kids and Character, while a pretty good description of what our company was all about, was not an easy name to get registered.  From the name being too generic to other companies with similar names, there were too many reasons why “Kids and Character” wouldn’t work and we eventually gave up.  Fortunately, our corporate name, Good and Honest Productions, also fits the bill fairly well and we have had more success with that trademark.

We have rebranded our logo and have updated most of our products to reflect the Good and Honest Productions name.  If you see old vides out on the internet and wonder what happened, now you have the back story to how our little kangaroo logo hopped over to a new name.


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